Timber Decking Projects    

WPC decking supplier Sydney
WPC decking supplier Sydney

Timber Decking Projects for Homes and Businesses

Timber decking projects are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance both residential and commercial spaces. From creating a cozy outdoor haven at home to providing an inviting ambiance for customers at a business, there are many attractive, functional options. 

Wood Plastic Composite is ideal for many decking projects, being longer lasting than most timbers and quite similar in appearance.

Home Projects:

Backyard Oasis

Transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis with a timber deck. Create defined spaces for dining, lounging, and gardening to maximize functionality.

Poolside Retreat

Install a deck around your pool to combine practicality with aesthetics. Timber decking is not only slip-resistant but also adds a touch of warmth to the pool area.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

Extend your living space by incorporating an outdoor kitchen and dining area on your deck. Choose durable timber that can withstand various weather conditions.

Garden Pathways

Connect different areas of your garden with timber pathways. This not only adds a rustic charm but also helps protect your lawn from heavy foot traffic.

Balcony Extension

Expand your living space by extending your balcony with a timber deck. This is an ideal solution for urban dwellers looking to make the most of limited outdoor space.

Business Projects

Al Fresco Dining

For restaurants and cafes, a timber deck provides an inviting setting for al fresco dining. Consider incorporating greenery and ambient lighting to enhance the overall experience.

Retail Display Area

Create an attractive outdoor retail space using timber decking for boutiques or shops. This can be a versatile area for displaying products or hosting events.

Workspace Extension

Offices or coworking spaces can utilize timber decks to extend workspaces outdoors. This provides employees with a refreshing change of environment.

Hotel Courtyards

Hotels can enhance their guest experience by creating timber-decked courtyards or outdoor lounges. This offers a comfortable and visually appealing space for relaxation.

What to Watch Out For

Timber Selection

Choose a timber species suitable for your project’s location and climate. Consider factors like durability, resistance to insects, and maintenance requirements.

Wood Plastic Composite avoids most of the issues we find with regular timber. Humidity and insects will not be a problem. It is merely a matter of finding a suitable colour.

Proper Installation

Ensure the deck is installed professionally, with attention to proper support structures and ventilation. Improper installation can lead to safety hazards and reduced longevity.

Regular Maintenance

Timber decks require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance and structural integrity. Stain or seal the wood periodically to protect it from the elements.

Wood Plastic Composite requires occasional cleaning with warm soapy water, but is otherwise maintenance free.

Local Regulations

Check local regulations and obtain necessary permits before starting your project. Compliance with building codes and zoning regulations is crucial for a hassle-free experience.

WPC and Timber Decking Suppliers Sydney

Timber and WPC outdoor projects are long term additions to your home or business. Take time to plan the structures that really suit your needs, thereby create inviting spaces that stand the test of time, whether at home or in a business setting. Always consult with professionals and adhere to best practices to ensure a successful and enduring outcome.