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Welcome to Acetech Architectural, an Australian owned and operated Sydney based company specializes in supply of architectural building products. Our mission is to emerge as a leading supplier whom the general public and customers can have trust as a reliable and cost-effective partner. We do this by ongoing research, innovation and alternative resourcing of materials so that our products are high in quality, complies with relevant building codes and at the same time we offer best competitive price in Australian market.

Products Introduction

WPC Decking Sydney

Acetech WPC decking (or simply composite decking) is one of the products of Acetech Architectural’s product series. It is designed for style and durability, easy to install and convenient to maintain. At Acetech we are committed to provide you the high quality composite products allowing you to transform your outdoor spaces.We use latest technology and materials to make of second generation composite decking that is polymer capped on all sides of the board, which prevents it from environmental and chemical degradation. Our decking products are engineered and tested to stand harsh Australian weather. Further for your peace of mind our decking products comes with 25 years residential warranty and 15 years commercial warranty

Pergolas Sydney

Discover the Acetech “AC” Series Pergolas – a pinnacle of sophistication and innovation in outdoor design. This distinguished collection offers meticulously crafted, highly durable, and tailored solutions for outdoor spaces of any size. The avant-garde pergola redefines outdoor living, providing impeccable shade and rain protection for a luxurious and comfortable outdoor experience. With louvre blades that rotate up to 90 degrees, our pergola models deliver an exquisite blend of sunshade, ventilation, and rain protection. Choose our motorized versions for enhanced features like ambient LED lights and a responsive rain sensor, elevating your outdoor oasis. The Acetech “AC” Series: where sophistication meets functionality, unlocking an enchanting outdoor lifestyle.

Awnings Sydney

Acetech Awnings redefine sophistication in retractable awning design with an integrated protective cassette housing, ensuring optimal protection against rain, wind and sun. Our avant-garde awnings feature intelligent rain/wind sensors, autonomously retracting in adverse weather conditions to preserve the awning and ensure a lasting investment. Elevate your outdoor living with Acetech Awnings – a seamless blend of aesthetics and advanced technology for discerning enthusiasts of outdoor comfort.

Acetech linear cladding is intelligent aluminium façade system designed by experienced façade professionals. Our system is specifically engineered so that it can be installed in both cyclic and non-cyclic wind regions, suburban house to high rise buildings. It is a non-combustible building material which is easy to install, requires low maintenance and comes prefinished in range of colours including wood grain finish.  On top of that we offer up to 25 years warranty. We are committed to provide the home owners, builders, engineers and architects a cladding system which is incomparable in quality, versatility and durability.

Acetech Solid is 3 mm thick non-combustible solid aluminium cladding panel can be used on facades of residential and commercial application because of its functional and asthetic benifits. It comes prefinished with PPG Duranar PVDF coating in solid colours and wood grain colours of your choice. Being lightweight it is strong, durable and maintenance free. With Acetech solid we are committed to provide contractors, developers and architect the product with  design flexibility, versatility, sustainability and ticking all the requirements of latest NCC with moving towards achieving Codemark.  

Acetech Core  is 4 mm thick non-combustible aluminium composite panel. Although it is a composite panel it is equivalent to Acetech Solid in strength, durability and design flexibility and can be used on facades of residential and commercial application. It comes prefinished with PPG Duranar PVDF coating in solid colours and wood grain colours of your choice. Being composite material (not solid) it has slight advantage of being econimical than solid cladding panel. Acetech Core has already passed fire test and also moving towards achieving Codemark.

Premium Composite Decking and Timber Decking Suppliers Sydney

AceTech is to Sydney’s leading Supplier of Timber Decking and Composite Decking (WPC). Whether you are adding an outdoor area to a restaurant, extending a commercial building, or just looking to enhance your homes outdoor living space, we have a range of decking options to suit your needs.

Discover why homeowners, builders, and architects across Sydney trust us for their outdoor decking projects.

Why Use AceTech for Your Decking Needs?

  • Quality Materials
  • Designed to withstand Harsh Australian Weather Conditions.
  • Wide Range of Colour and Style Options
  • Our Company Expertise and Experience
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Our Installation Service
  • 25 years Residential Warranty and 15 years Commercial Warranty

Composite Decking Supplier in Sydney

Composite Decking (WPC) is the modern choice. A combination of natural wood and plastic, this is a durable, long lasting, low maintenance decking that can simulate the look of natural wood.

Key Features

  • Variety of Colours and Textures: Match to the surroundings. Consider Composite decking with natural wood appearance or opt for contemporary finishes.
  • Low Maintenance: Just wash with mild detergent and hose clean. No need to paint, stain or seal.
  • Durability: Resistant to harsh weather, insects, and rot. Polymer capped on all sides to prevent degradation.
  • Natural Feel under foot: A comfortable surface underfoot with no splinters. Preferable to hard surfaces like brick or tiles.
  • Easy Installation: Composite decking is reasonably quick and easy to install for either DIY enthusiasts or professionals.
  • 25 years Residential Warranty or 15 years Commercial Warranty.

Timber Decking Suppliers in Sydney

Natural wood remains popular for its warm organic appeal and woodgrain texture. It offers a range is possibilities for outdoor decking and other outdoor structures. Embrace the timeless elegance of natural wood with our premium timber decking.

Key Features

  • Natural Aesthetics: Timber decking offers a warm and natural aesthetic, seamlessly blending with outdoor surroundings. Many people like the semi-random look of woodgrain
  • Range of Colours and Styles: With a variety of wood species, stain colours, and finishes there are always several options to suit your situation.
  • Reasonable Durability: Treated hardwood timber will resist decay, insects and weathering. Properly maintained timber decks can last for many years.
  • Natural Feel under foot: Natural timber feels comfortable underfoot, much more pleasant than brick or hard surfaces.
  • Easy Installation: Timber decking is reasonably quick and easy to install for either DIY enthusiasts or professionals.
  • Sustainable Material: Timber decking is a renewable resource which can contribute to environmentally friendly construction.

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